Sursa de inspiratie

La intrebarea singurului cititor pe care il am privitor la sursele mele de inspiratie: marturisesc ca nu am talent, ma inspir din realitate:

Pentru ca niciodata copiii nostri sa fie pusi in situatiiile de mai jos.
Carolyn Cole Siege in Liberia Copyrighted - Fair Use
FIRING BACK: A government soldier defends a bridge in central Monrovia where a standoff between rebel and government forces held the city under siege. (Photo by Carolyn Cole). © 2003 Los Angeles Times
Copyrighted – Fair Use

Child soldier in Monrovia streets, 2003

A Liberian boy soldier

Store that Vonnie's Mother runs

Cooperstown Bush Society girls, Liberia
grand theft auto somalia lol
Mogadishu cowboys
Angola200609 058 orto

Liberia Car Fair USE CopyrightedCheckpoint in Monrovia


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