Prezent – Harre Hrasna, Hrashna, Hrashna, Harre, Harre

Profetiile arareori se indeplinesc. Si in noaptea cand te prinde ora 12 la servici si incepi sa te crezi Freddy…

E cazul sa faci ceva 🙂

“Don’t you hear my call
Though you’re many years away
Don’t you hear me calling you
Write your letters in the sand
For the day I’ll take your hand
In the land that our grand-children knew”

Desi pe la 12.30 te poti trezi Boy George:

“From bombay to bangalore
All the hindus know the score
If you wanna live some more
Hare, hare, hare

If you do not take the vow
You can eat the sacred cow
Youll get karma anyhow
Hare, hare, hare ”

Ceea ce inseamna ca inca nu ai facut nimic.

“From bombay to rajastan
Nitai guara, radha syam
Hare krishna hare ram
Hare, hare, hare”

In concluzie harrre harrre quick quick 🙂

Domnu’ presedinte pot sa fac pipi pe imprimanta ca sa se raceasca si nu mai faca paper jam si sa putem si noi pleca acasa? caltfel o dau nevestele pe Pink Floyd si ne incep sava cante :

“Bring the boys back home!”

BTW poate sa-l trimita cineva pe Bill ca tot a venit in Romania sa-mi zica si mie de ce-mi omoara Visio procesorul cand tiparesc. Bill te implor ….

PreA tarziu, nimeni n-a venit sa ma salveze si iar am devenit nostalgic:

United Forever in Friendship and Labour,
Our mighty Republics will ever endure.
The Great Romania will Live through the Ages.
The Dream of a People their fortress secure.

Long Live our Soviet Motherland,
Built by the People's mighty hand.
Long Live our People, United and Free.
Strong in our Friendship tried by fire.
Long may our Crimson Flag Inspire,
Shining in Glory for all Men to see.

Iertati-ma dar n-am gasit leka nos detza:)


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